Louis Doulas

October 20th, 2014

b. 1989, Park Ridge, IL.
Currently based in New York.

Email: louisdoulas[at]gmail.com
Curriculum Vitae: August 31, 2014 [PDF]
Elsewhere: Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud

Research Overview
Coming soon…

— Papers (in progress)

  • Material Constitution without Coincident Objects. 2014. [Email for a draft]
  • A Note on Pillow and Kivy’s Account of an Artwork’s `Versions.’ 2014. [Email for a draft]
  • — Overviews, Summaries, Notes & Miscellany

  • Hume’s Problem of Induction
    Mini-summary of David Hume’s famous problem. 2014.
  • Art: Definitions and Analyses
    Notes written for an informal philosophy of art reading group I lead from January to May that discussed various definitions of art in the analytic tradition. 2014.
  • Names and Reference
    Abandoned and incomplete summary of two competing theories of meaning most prominent in philosophy of language, i.e., descriptivism and direct reference theory. 2014.
  • Where is here? When is now? Who is I?
    An overview of indexicality and some of its more metaphysical implications. I first begin by summarizing Kaplan’s classical theory of pure indexicals, then go on to overview the handful of theories that have evolved from out of it. 2013.
  • Art Writing
    — Articles & Interviews

  • Dark Machines: Wyatt Niehaus
    Art in America, July 16, 2014.
  • What are Casual Essays?
    WOW HUH, February 17, 2014.
  • In Conversation with KERNEL
    BOMB Magazine, April 3, 2014.
  • On Pleaselike.com
    In Unlike Us Reader: Social Media Monopolies and Their Alternatives, edited by Geert Lovink and Miriam Rasch, 259-263. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, 2013.
  • Art from Outside the Googleplex: An Interview with Andrew Norman Wilson
    Rhizome.org, May 14, 2012.
  • — Panels & Lectures

  • More Than Just Blogs: New Formats in Design Criticism
    Panel discussion at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY, 2014.
  • Online Platforms
    Lecture for the Jackalope Art Conference at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, 2012.
  • Curating Internet Art
    With Theodore Darst, Lecture for Upgrade! Chicago at The Nightingale Theatre, Chicago, IL, 2011.
  • Projects

  • Philosophy of Art Group
    A reading group that meets every Sunday to discuss issues within aesthetics and philosophy of art. Anyone with an interest in philosophy of art is welcome to attend. 2014
  • Pool
    A research project I founded in 2011 that explored the relationship between contemporary art and the internet. The project culminated in an online platform and PDF publication spanning eight issues, with over forty published articles from contributors worldwide. The project came to a close in 2012 and will be published as a book by LINK Editions (Italy). 2011-12.