Louis Doulas


I’m a soon-to-be graduate student at Brandeis University working in philosophy. I’m interested in metaphysics, philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, and aesthetics.


Abstract. Contra Locke’s thesis, Kit Fine (2000) argues (1) two things of the same sort may coincide, (2) two things of the same sort may coincide at each time they exist, and (3) two things of the same sort may necessarily coincide. We will challenge each one of these arguments in turn, ultimately demonstrating why the whole of Fine’s counter-example is incorrectly reasoned and that Locke’s thesis still stands.

Abstract. I demonstrate how Isabelle Graw’s (2011, 2012) medium-unspecific definition of painting is wrong, and then show how, contra contemporary art orthodoxy, a medium-specific definition of painting is possible and compatible with the post-medium principles of Rosalind E. Krauss without the formalistic dogmatism imposed by Greenbergian Modernism.